Institute – Students Mark Analysis & Rank Card Software

Report Card and Mark Analysis reports can be instantly generated with very minimum entries ascribed to the task, providing stress-free solution to teachers and management.

GIFT School Students Mark Analysis and Rank Card Preparation Software is an unique products for Academic Institutions, Management Schools, Office Automation Tools for Schools, Training Center, Coaching Institutes in India and Worldwide.

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Report Card and Mark Analysis reports can be instantly generated with very minimum entries ascribed to the task, providing stree-free solution to Staffs and management.

You can easily allot the staffs for each subject for each Class - division.

You can set all the conditions like which exam to be Conducted for the exam,Maximum and Minimun Marks,Mark to be converted,whether the subject marks is considered for the Rank calculation,Mark for Rank calculation , Pass Mark and Minmum Pass Mark for each Subject and each Exam.

You can copy the same settings to the other class or other Exam or other Academic Year.

Rank - Grade preparation possible for a single division or for a group of divisions.

You can easily identify the Absent Students and Failed Students during Rank list preparation by the color notation.

Graphical representation available for comparison reports.

Students Mark Analysis & Rank Card Software Live Demo Available for evaluation and Testing before purchase.

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